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Fees Charged to File Your Petition

  1. No filing fee shall be required with respect to an appeal from the disapproval of a timely filed application for homestead exemption or from the denial of a homestead tax deferral.
  2. All other petitions, including late-filed homestead exemption petitions, must be filed with a NON-REFUNDABLE $15 filing fee. Cash, money orders, checks (made payable to the Clerk of Court).
  3. Joint petitions -The Property Appraiser shall determine whether the parcels meet the requirements for filing of a single joint petition.
    1. Owners of “contiguous, undeveloped parcels” may file a single joint petition if the Property Appraiser determines such parcels are substantially similar in nature.
    2. A single filing fee for joint petitions should be charged. The fee will not exceed $5 per parcel but will be no less than $15 per petition, and is to be proportionately paid by affected parcel owners.