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Teen Court

Teen Court is a nationally acclaimed diversion program designed to divert qualified juvenile offenders from formal Juvenile Court proceedings. Utilizing the principles of restorative justice, Teen Court aims to provide juveniles with the opportunity to accept responsibility for his/her actions by completing sanctions that are designed to be constructive and rehabilitative, seeking to repair the harm done to the victim(s) and to the community. Teen Court attempts to interrupt developing patterns of criminal behavior by providing an opportunity for the juvenile offender to acknowledge his/her crimes, correct thinking errors that result in the commission of a crime and develop a healthy attitude towards authority. Teens become the solution, “not the problem”.

Juveniles entering the program will be responsible for the completion of a set of tasks designed to teach him/her new tools to avoid further criminal activity. Failure to complete all assigned tasks will result in the case being referred to the State Attorney’s Office for a potential criminal prosecution. Completion of the program will allow the juvenile offender to avoid a criminal record which has the potential to exclude him/her from college scholarships, military recruitment, and employment opportunities.

For more information, please contact the Office of the State Attorney at 904-964-6208.